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Vienna… now… in a couple of hours we will have the first sub 2 hour marathon. Don’t believe it? I might be wrong? Well, as the YouTube feed is playing in the background, I want to feel this positive energy, and be part of a historic moment.

sub 2 eliud kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge is the man to do it. Undoubtedly. If his previous records don’t impress you or his ability to run at such a incredible pace for two hours… maybe just focus on something else.

Have a look at his interviews. Look at him while he speaks. Listen to his words.

Pay attention to every detail, and you will see a calm focused runner.



No stress.

No fake image.

No power talk.

No trash talk.

No boasting.

No showing off.

No extravagance.

Just the worlds most professional runner. Calm and collected ready to break this last barrier that we humans seem to be set on keeping.

Unbelievable how many (slower) marathon runners use this moment in time to try and trash talk the event. Ok, perhaps not trash talk, but voice a critic.

Yes, he has pacers. Yes, he is running without a competitor. Yes, he will fuel up whenever he needs or wants to. Yes, the track is in Vienna with his team focussed on breaking the sub2.

It’s about the sub 2. Not about the IAAF.

Let that sink in.

And to those marathon runners’ that are writing blogs, giving interviews, and pointing out that it wont and shouldn’t count as a World Record: shame on you. You are a embarrassment to the sport, and a sore looser.

Don’t try to get some of the spotlight on you by trash talking. Know your place. I know mine… So whilst I am just passed the 25KM mark, Eliud already finished the race, showered, got changed and is finished with his physio.

The mental strength necessary to perform this feat is incomprehensible for us normal middle of the pack marathon runners’. Focus and concentration to keep the pace. No room for doubt. Even if a KM is off pace. Even if a small detail goes wrong. Focus and concentration. That is the process he has in place. His mind has no room for doubts. And this process took years to develop. Trial and error, but always the goal clear in his sight.

If, in case, for some or other reason today he doesn’t break sub 2… (I am so confident he will though), I know he will try and attempt it again.

Eliud, you don’t need it, but BEST OF LUCK.

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