Hypnosis and RUNNING

How to become THAT runner you always wanted to be. And you won’t guess how…

When other runners’ invested $’s in their newest run shoes — you invested in your mind and resilience.

Hypnosis and RUNNING self hypnosis

When they focus on their newest smart running watch — you focus on your mental process.

When they are boasting about this new gel, that new drink, this new tape — you focus on your 100% clean laser-focused mind.

When they are trying to put on a brave face — you are already in the Zone.

“It has been said that everyone you meet is engaged in a great struggle. The thing they are struggling with is their enemy. Whether it is another individual, a group, an illness, a setback, a rival philosophy or religion, or what have you, when you are engaged in a struggle, you are looking for others to join your side.”

– Mike Mathews

Where are you currently at in your running career? Perhaps you are challenging yourself to really see what times and distances you can achieve. You are developing MASTERY?

Or if asked about your running, you need to think back “when was my last run” as the fun is out of your run? Imagine you where the CONSISTENT runner.

Like most of us runners’ there comes a time we all dread. A time to rest the body and let it heal. But how to come back stronger, and better? Is that even possible? The INJURED runner.

Wherever you currently are, remember this

“No one has a problem with the first mile of a

journey. Even an infant could do fine for a while.

But it isn’t the start that matters. It’s the finish line.”

– Julien Smith

Whatever your current state, and your future dream… to get there:


“Really, I thought I just need to train harder?” I hear you ask. So allow me to reply, why are you not training harder? Or even better… have you ever trained smarter?

HYPNO-RUNNING is a set of tools developed for runners and has a direct correlation to your running mindset and attitude towards running.

Mental training has been around for many years, but a clear structure for rewiring those negative thoughts and words is the new (legal) power drug.

Seriously, whether you think you will cross the line looking like a Olympian, or just barely make it, head hanging low… that will be the result you get. But you know this is true. How to harness this? Perhaps reverse psychology?

This is where you need scientifically proven methods designed for runners to use before and during their sport.

Look, we all know what happens. It used to happen to me too. You signed up for a race, time to train was limited, and next thing you know you are standing at a starting line (perhaps add a bit of drizzle to further dampen the mood) and you wish, you really wish you where somewhere else.

After dragging your sorry state-of-a-middle of the pack runner around the course and over the finish line, you feel proud, but whisper “never again”.

WHOW…. how is that for running inspiration?

What if I told you that these types of situations (except the drizzle part) can be avoided. Yes, even if you didn’t train enough. I can tell you (without me knowing you): its not those shoes, nor your outfit, nor your runners’ watch that helped you complete THAT (wet?) race you didn’t train properly for.

It wasn’t the book you read from a four times marathon world champion. Nor was it the 20 year running experience of a world track champion.

It was what was going on in your mind.

Your thoughts. Your images. Your words.

So what do you need a course for? Well without a process and a set of standards, you tend to use that mental approach in the most difficult moments. (Sort of like praying… juuuust we are really in dire straits….)

Now imagine how much time it takes to every time wait till the negativity is so low, to kickstart that process and take another step, or increase that dreadful slow pace.

Sometimes it gets worse doesn’t it? Perhaps you hear yourself preaching to colleagues, friends, kids about “values” and “dedication”… and here you are. Tired (wet?) no more than a “don’t give up” thought that takes you over the finish line.

So change. “Yeah right”…(sarcastic one). Apparently most people structure their lives in such a way that enables them to avoid or neglect the need to change. Change is scary. Especially if you have uncovered the shallow “you deserve it” or “just do it” shallow inspiration.

Truth is, with the right tools any runner, whether currently looking to get healed and fit, or looking to be a regular runner, or that age grouper going for his personal best… most anyone can accomplish most everything.

“The path you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” —

I know most of us hate this, but for now just – trust me – its worth its weight in gold if used correctly.

The power of self hypnosis.

Here’s what most people think. It doesn’t work, or it’s just a show.

Here is the truth on the matter.Just watch Bekele be 30 seconds off pace during the 2019 Berlin marathon at KM 30. 30 seconds… OFF PACE… and then comes back to run the fastet time ever over the last few kilometres. Such performances are inspired by something far great than the outsider can see or comprehend.

Scientific research has shown time and time again that the use of Hypnosis in Sport helps athletes to improve at a far greater rate than other athletes. But forget science. You are a runner, aren’t you? What happened when you felt like giving up? When you wanted, WANTED to quit and collect a DNF? Well, something happened inside of you, didn’t it? Something you cannot grasp or explain. But it worked (congrats by the way for not giving up.)

How much longer will you:

1. Suffer frustrations, coming back from a injury full of doubts and miles away from your best running days?

2. Listen to “real runners'” tell stories of a inspirational run that they had, and you cannot remember where your shoes are or when you last went on a run.

3. Put off going for that Personal Best 10K run time, or finally get that sub 4:00 marathon?

The specific steps on how to reach this? I can share them with you… its changing your STORY. Changing YOUR beliefs. And.. .how to remind yourself of how this is done during the difficult moments, and how to use it to your advantage in your BEST running moments.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

So let’s go and change our thinking, by learning the power of Hypno-Running. So many people today live by the assumption that they’re naturally “either good or bad” at running. While yes people do have natural talents that can assist, but the best of the best don’t rely solely on talent… they rely on systems and proven tactics. Not to mention they aren’t afraid of a little deliberate practice!

Whether you are uncertain unsure or wish you could have more information. How about I offer you something better. A free-30-minute call. Yes, thats right…. if you like we schedule a call, and I actually call you to hear where you are currently at, and how the Hypno-Running makes you the runner you deserve to be.

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