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Become A Better, Stronger And Smarter Runner.
Become A No Excuses Runner. 

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Advanced Endurance Coaching

Learn the art of refocussing and activating your run potential. Consider this your mental turbo-boost. Building resilience and endurance, made easy.

Replace the dread of  being  slow runner with the power attitude of self-confidence; irrespective of external events.

Your Solutions

to Run Faster & Longer

Resilience Training

Learn how you will develop consistency. Even if you have been struggling with this for quite some time, perhaps years.

Running After Injury

Returning to running after a injury. That requires you to find that mental strength, that courage to use your body to its best possible.


Running and suddenly you feel awkward, a drink or gel you had, is not digesting properly? Or that tingle in the knee is getting worse?

Make Time

I know your situation. You just don't have time. You would love to join and learn self-hypnosis, for runners' developed by runners'.

What our Customers Say

"From 5k’s to marathons, Hypno-Running certainly changed me into a truly exceptional regular runner. This course is about attitude, self-confidence and change through proper mind exercise, training and mindset.” Mike: Hypno-Running is a time intensive online it might seem. Its bite-sized chapters are perfect for picking up and breezing through BUT, there’s plenty that goes on through your mind to develop your focus and rethink the minds perspective on running." ​
I love this course. A GREAT approach to running. A good running book has me curled up on the couch but this course got me excited to go for my next run and try it out. And guess what, I remembered the technique and it worked!!
I bought this course for myself, then bought two more copies for friends. The tools are so valuable! This course ACTUALLY isn't just for middle-of-the-pack runners, its for your best run. It'll inspire you to aim higher, whatever goal you might set for yourself.

Get your FREE Paperback. Extremely Limited Time Offer

Make it your BEST running year ever. Overcome excuses, procrastination, build MOTIVATION and become a better, stronger and smarter runner...

How to become THAT runner you always wanted to be. And you won’t guess how…

A new kind of approach to mental training for runners’. Using scientifically proven methods to developing unwavering confidence, focus and self-belief, intuitive, and human. In other words, the kind of process we want for ourselves.

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Here are the five biggest win’s from joining today…

  1. Further gain and develop self-confidence.
  2. Learn to keep laser like focus in challenging times.
  3. Conquer frustration and discouragement.
  4. Sustain a high level of motivation, even whilst suffering a setback.
  5. Transform your running dreams into reality.

Brain Training for runners’
When other runners’ invested $’s in their newest run shoes — you invested in your mind and resilience. When they focus on their newest smart running watch — you focus on your mental process. When they are boasting about this new gel, that new drink, this new tape — you focus on your 100% clean laser-focused mind.

When they are trying to put on a brave face — you are already in the Zone.


“It has been said that everyone you meet is engaged in a great struggle. The thing they are struggling with is their enemy. Whether it is another individual, a group, an illness, a setback, a rival philosophy or religion, or what have you, when you are engaged in a struggle, you are looking for others to join your side.”

– Mike Mathews

Where are you currently at in your running career? Perhaps you are challenging yourself to really see what times and distances you can achieve. You are developing MASTERY?

Hot to run regularly
Or if asked about your running, you need to think back “when was my last run” as the fun is out of your run? Imagine you where the CONSISTENT runner.

Like most of us runners’ there comes a time we all dread. A time to rest the body and let it heal. But how to come back stronger, and better? Is that even possible? The INJURED runner.

Wherever you currently are, remember this

“No one has a problem with the first mile of a

journey. Even an infant could do fine for a while.

But it isn’t the start that matters. It’s the finish line.”

– Julien Smith

It doesn’t work?

Really? Self Hypnosis.. Brain training will not make you run faster? Think again…. how about trying it… Treat this course as a toolkit, to further develop and enhance your mental approach to your running. Mental sport training.

Your dream team

Ever heard of your inner team? Emotional Freedom Technique will ensure your thoughts, are aligned with your training. Giving you energy rather than pulling you down. Develop that intrinsic motivation.


If you have set a goal, it means you expect that outcome. That’s where Hypnoses sets in. Following certain steps means you have a set Process… this is the decisive missing link.The better your process, the more you follow it will determine how fast you get your goal. Running smarter with Hypnosis.

Develop Focus

According to a study, runners think about pace and distance 40% of the time. Pain and discomfort 32%, and the environment 28%. Imagine you could develop laser like focus. What type of runner would you be? Learning Self-Hypnosis is a uniquely powerful approach to improving your run times.

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